How do I become a SATS Beta tester?

We are excited to announce we are launching a Beta program for the SATS mobile app.

Follow this guide to join. We appreciate your help in making the SATS app the best it can be.

What is the SATS Beta Program?

By signing up as a Beta tester to the SATS app, you will get early versions of our new releases before we roll them out to everyone else. This is really helpful, as it allows us to find issues and crashes before we ship the release to all of our users across the Nordics.

The Beta users will get new versions about two weeks before we roll them out to end users. Today, the Beta program is available for iOS-users only.

Will I get access to new features?

Yes, in addition to fixes of existing features we are likely to try our new features in this program. However, some new features might be rolled out gradually to all users.

Should I do anything special to test the app?

No, just use the app as you usually would and report any issues you find. 

How do I join?

To sign up for the Beta program, just click on the link below, using the iPhone you want to install the Beta version on. NOTE: There is a limit to the number of Beta users we can have at any time on iOS. From time to time we will remove inactive users, so if the program is full now, you can try again later. This does also mean that if you become an inactive user, we might eventually remove you from the beta program.

iOS Beta Sign up

This link will let you download the TestFlight app. From the TestFlight app, you can then download new versions of the SATS app, send issue reports, etc.

How do I stop being a Beta tester?

In the TestFlight app, simply select SATS and click "Stop Testing". This will immediately remove you from the Beta program.

Can I stop getting emails whenever there is a new build?

By default, TestFlight will send a mail when there is a new version of the app to test. If you don't want these emails, open TestFlight, select SATS and go to "Notifications". Here you can select if you want notifications for new versions via email, mobile notifications, or no notifications at all.

I have found an issue, how do I report it?

In TestFlight, there is a link to "Send Beta Feedback". If you click it, you will be able to send an email where you can describe the issue. We will not reply to individual issue reports, but all issues get forwarded to the right team, and we do our best to fix them. Of course, the more details you can provide, the higher the chance that we can reproduce and fix your issue. In some cases, we may reply and ask for additional information.

The latest version is having issues, how do I get a stable one?

In some cases, you may run into issues with the latest versions. If you do, please let us know what the problem is by reporting it. At the same time you should be able continue using SATS app services. To do this, you can install an earlier version of SATS app. In TestFlight, select SATS app, then click "Previous Builds". Here you can select and install an earlier version of the SATS app. 


Thank you for helping us making the SATS app the best it can be!