Are you the one we are looking for?

We are looking for a PT who…

  • Is available between September 16th and December 9tth, based in Oslo, Helsinki, Stocholm or Copenhagen
  • Wants to go 'all inn', commit and help a member on a 12 week transformation journey towards a more healthier and happier life
  • Believes in a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle
  • Has coaching experience, and preferably done similar transformations with a client before
  • Has skills and knowledge within motivational theory and/or psychology related with behavioral change/lifestyle
  • Is familiar with basic nutrition guidance
  • Is familiar with SATS GX portfolio
  • Is at Level 2 or higher
  • Is comfortable in front of the camera and with social media/marketing exposure and is willing to go the extra mile and document this journey internally and externally
  • want to be the official face for SATS and show how SATS can work with PT clients

Compensation model

  • Marketing and exposure in 2019 and forward in all of our markets
  • PT clip 25 (Level 3) + 10 PT clips for admistrative work
  • Nordic gathering with the Campaign Group and chosen PT from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Focus on how to deliver the best member experience

If you think that you are the right person for this job - we want to hear from you! Please attach a picture of yourself, some information of who you are as a PT and also references/documentation

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The ideal member for this journey

  • Is passive or sporadic. We will have one member for each market.
  • Has lost its motivation and need our inspiration and our push to get back in the gym. You will help the client to feel all the benefits attached to working out and eating healthy
  • We search for a client with an interesting background that many can relate to, and that has a good personality and charisma

What members get

  • One of our best personal trainers as a committed coach and training buddy
  • An introduction session to motivate, inspire and discover his/hers health and fitness goals
  • A 12-week tailored journey with two weekly PT-sessions and group training program. All personalized for him/her to reach their goals
  • Professional documentation of your journey with before and after photos, measurements and different tests related to your health
  • The tools and routines necessary to maintain healthy and happy