Beatrice Eriksson

Beatrice Eriksson

Treningsfilosofi: "Failing is learning."

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Background: mobility/gymnastics, bodyweight- and strength training, running, pilates, dancing and yoga.
Focus: functionality and curiosity.

As children, we naturally (and out of curiosity) moved around more. We had less fear and more stubbornness. We might have lacked a bit of common sense here and there, but stayed curious with a need to grow.

I’ve always had an interest for body and mind and want to encourage people to get back to that fearless, stubborn, strong and playful mindset. I believe there’s a lot to win with that. Get in touch with me if you’re curious too - let’s find out what you can do!


  • International Personal Trainer


  • Health & Lifestyle Coach
  • Handstand Coach
  • Holistic Movement (Yoga, flow, Soma Move, floorwork, inversions mm.)
  • PNF Stretching
  • Health psychology

Yuval On Hands workshops, Oslo Marathon 2019, OCR Mike's Gym Marbella

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