Ismael Yatera

Ismael Yatera

Treningsfilosofi: "A goal without a plan is just a wish”

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I have a long experience in Paris (France) as a Personal trainer. I have also been a boxing teacher for 8 years and international professional dancer (hip-hop) since 1998. I'm always looking for new ways to train to make it more fun.
There are no such as right or wrong in training. We are all different. I will help you find your physical and mental balance. Being humble and working hand in hand to reach your goals (or just having a good time) is fundamental to me. My determination to help you is huge.


  • Personal Trainer education, Paris
  • Boxing Education, 1 year.


  • Hip Hop dancer
  • Group instructor: Cardio, Strength, Crosstraining and Boot Camp

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