Jared Baker

Jared Baker

Treningsfilosofi: "Exercising, eating well and living a healthy lifestyle are the components that help individuals to fulfil psychical mental and emotional wellness."

Kontakt meg: jared.baker@sats.no

Using my exercise science background and experience has allowed me to take a scientific and professional approach to fit the needs of each iindividual. I have helped people to build strength, conditioning and develop balance/coordination.


  • Bachelor's of Science degree in Recreation Management with concentration in Fitness Management from Lock Haven Univeristy (United States)
  • Certified Peronal Trainer (CPT) from Amercian College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)


  • Kettlebells
  • Olympic Rings
  • Small Group Training
  • TRX
  • Rehabilitation Training
  • Squat and Deadlift Technique

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