Safety rules and rules of conduct for SATS Child Care

To ensure that the stay in our Child Care will be as pleasant as possible, everyone must follow the safety rules and rules of conduct below.

1. Child Care is offered to SATS members’ children in the age of 6 weeks and until the day the child is 12 years old. SATS members can only deliver their own children to the Child Care, not friends’ or other peoples’ children.

2. The Child Care service can only be used while the Child Care is open.

3. Children shall always wash their hands or use anti-bacterial spray (is available at the gym). Children under the age of three shall not use the anti-bacterial spray.

4. The parents have the responsibility to check in on their child at the Child Care when they arrive at one of our gyms.

5. It must be the same parent who deliver and pick up the child. The only exception is if the workers at the Child Care is informed in advance, and the name and information of the parent who will pick up is available. The information will be registered and the workers at SATS must ask for a valid identification.

6. If the child is left asleep in a stroller, the parent is responsible for leaving the stroller and child in a safe manner, within the assigned stroller area. The area at some of our gyms might be too small to receive sleeping children.

7. A visit at SATS Child Care lasts a maximum of 1,5 hours. The maximum amount of visit hours per week is 10 hours.

8. SATS can receive up to 10 children at the same time per Child Care worker (children under two years count as two children). The number of children can be adjusted down in accordance with the composition of the group or the escape plan regulations at the specific gym. SATS reserves the right to limit the number of children in the facility at any time.

9. The Child Care is the children’s area. To keep the interests of our members, and the safety of the children, the children must always only stay at the Child Care area, not in the training studio or in the changing rooms. The only exceptions are: SATS own baby-classes and group classes for children, where children will be in the group class areas.

10. The child might need time to adjust to its new environment, and it is expected that the parent will allocate time to let the child adjust.

11. Parents must stay in the SATS gym for the entire period that the child is in the Child Care. Workers in the Child Care will manage the children, but the parents have the main responsibility for their children for the entire duration of their stay at SATS. Workers at Child Care must be able to contact or retrieve the parents if the child is crying or seem uncomfortable.

12. Only children with good health and without any infectious diseases can visit Child Care. If the child has shown signs of sickness, it must have been without symptoms for at least two days before visiting SATS.

13. Foods and drinks are not allowed in the Child Care, with respect to the safety of the children and possible allergies. The only exceptions are: porridge, breast milk substitutes and water.

14. The workers in the Child Care will keep an eye on all the children, but will not change diapers. If a diaper change is necessary, the parents will be contacted.

15. Toys are not allowed, with regard to the safety of the children. The only exceptions are cuddle cloths and stuffed animals who give the children a sense of security and comfort. SATS is not responsible for toys, clothes or any other that the child is bringing.

16. All strollers must be marked with the child’s name. This ensures that the child is placed in the right stroller if it falls asleep. SATS is not responsible for any valuables that are kept in the stroller.

17. Children shall not wear necklaces or use clothing with lacing or outdoor shoes while staying at the Child Care. It is recommended that the children use non-slip socks or indoor shoes.

18. The children might be exposed to perfume or perfumed creams. The workers in the Child Care will not wear or use this, but other SATS personnel who temporarily work in the Child Care, are not under the same restrictions.

19. There might be shown movies for children in the Child Care. We wish you and your child a warm welcome at SATS.