By respecting these rules, it will be both safe and pleasant to stay at SATS.

Safety rules

  1. The member must follow the instructions given by SATS employees when it comes to training methods and handling of training equipment.

  2. We ask you to wear suitable shoes for indoor workouts, and dress functionally.

  3. Children do not have access to the studio, group class rooms or changing rooms until they have reached 15 years, because of the risk of injuries. In conjunction with SATS Child Care, and some of our training concepts and memberships, SATS can give the child access to the mentioned facilities.

  4. Only SATS employees are allowed to instruct and train members.

Rules of conduct

  1. The member must not act rude or act disturbingly towards other people at SATS.

  2. The member should limit the use of cellular devices in the gym.

  3. The member must wear suitable shoes for indoor workouts. Outdoor shoes shall be placed in designated areas, or be locked inside the wardrobe cabinets.

  4. The member must always wear clean training apparel. Be careful with cleanliness and body hygiene. 

  5. The member should show consideration for allergists, which includes using a minimum amount of perfume etc.

  6. The member must always use towels on mats, strength- and cardio apparatuses, and in the saunas for hygienic reasons.

  7. The member should wipe the exercise equipment after use. Paper towels are available several places in the gym.

  8. The member is encouraged to place all used equipment back to designated areas (mats, weights etc.)

10. The member must let other members use training equipment when they are having a break.11. The member is refused access to group classes by late attendance, in respect to other participants.12. The member must refrain to photograph or record videos in any form at SATS, unless it is approved by the manager at the gym.


SATS collaborates with Antidoping Norge for keeping our centers doping free. SATS definition of doping is the use of performance-enhancing drugs, in accordance with the doping lists made for fitness centers by Antidoping Norge. SATS will in collaboration with Antidoping Norge implement doping controls, and encourage members to let themselves be tested for doping substances. If a member tests positive on a doping test, or refuses to be tested, SATS will terminate the membership effective immediately.

If the safety rules or rules of conduct are breached, SATS has the right to deny access to SATS for a period or terminate the membership agreement with immediate effect.

Additional safety rules and rules of conduct applies to SATS Child Care. Thank you for following our safety rules and rules of conduct.