Danijel Veselcic

Danijel Veselcic

Treningsfilosofi: "You can train hard or you can train long, but you can’t do both. My training philosophy is to make the program that saves your time and delivers maximum results."

Kontakt meg: Danijel.Veselcic@sats.no

Being in football and fitness for 17 years I’ve learned that training hard is important but most important is to train smart. With the right program and a proper nutrition, there is no goal we can’t reach.
Be smart, choose smartly. It is your body, and your life. Let’s make it better.


  • BTC (Body Transformation Coach) - International education (EHFA certified)
  • Nutrition - lv.3 (BTC)


  • Corrective exercises (level 3, SATSELIXIA Academy)
  • Coaching (level 3, SATSELIXIA Academy)
  • Helth & Lifestyle (Training for diabetics, Pregnancy training, Hypertension training)
  • Leg day instructor (SATSELIXIA Academy)
  • TRX (slyngetrening) instructor (SATSELIXIA Academy)
  • Certified functional coach / FTS 2018 - Josh Henkin (Strong lower back, knees and shoulders)

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