Edrin Zebi

Edrin Zebi

Treningsfilosofi: "If it dosen't challange you, it doesn't change you”

Kontakt meg: edrin.zebi@sats.no

I grew up in Vancouver, Canada where I quickly developed a rich athletic background from an early age. Throughout my youth I began my athletic career playing a variety of different sports with an emphasis in football and basketball. After high school, I moved to Liverpool, England to continue my studies in management as well as in sports.
Having spent a significant portion of my life in the gym and around athletics I have come to recognize the value and benefits on how a proper strength and condition program can improve an athletes performance. I am very passionate and knowledgeable about training and I work hard to create specific programs to help develop all my clients.


  • B.A of Managment, Liverpool, England
  • B.A of Sport Science, Liverpool, England


  • Strength and Conditioning Specialist - N.A.S.M
  • Certfied Personal Trainer - A.C.E
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Functional Movement
  • Sports Nutrion

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