Edd Moran

Edd Moran

Treningsfilosofi: "You set the goals, we achieve them together".

Kontakt meg: edd.moran@sats.no / 96625744

Edd has worked as personal trainer for over 10 years. Establishing his own business in personal training, then pursuing a career in Norway working as a personal trainer specialist within SATS. He has many years experience in working with strength training and weightloss. Edd is always up for a new challenge after completeing is Obsticle course races, Ultra marathons and Trondheim-Oslo bike race.


  • Personal Trainer Level 3 - Central Sports
  • Obesity & Diabetes Level 4 - Discovery Learning


  • Nutrition Level 3
  • Lifestyle Level 3
  • Kettlebell advanced
  • Yoga for athletes
  • Pilates for beginners

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