Bahram Ramezanian

Bahram Ramezanian

Treningsfilosofi: “Don’t Just Work-out Hard, Work-out Smart..."

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BALANCE decides your body shape & energy level.

For the past 12 years I've been working with as much update as I could manage in both fitness and clinical settings. All we do in terms of re-hab, pre-hab, treatments, learning new movements, teaching skills, types of programming and food corrections, all of these are to achieve BALANCE. Getting there and maintenance of it becomes the best investment one can ever make. We make sure it's easily doable and as much fun as possible.


  • Advanced Personal Trainer, UK Registered
  • PICP level 3 Certified Strength Coach
  • PICP Biological Signature, Nutritionist
  • ART Master level, Soft Tissue Therapist
  • ART Certified for Spine, Upper & Lower extremity
  • ART Certified for Nerve Entrapments & Complex Protocols
  • Sports Massage Therapist, Premiere International


  • Certified Crossfit Trainer level 2
  • Certified Crossfit Weight Lifting Trainer level 2
  • Certified Crossfit Gymnastics Trainer

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